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Music Creates a Personal Evening (From left) James Collins; Dr. David T. Feinberg, presenting the proclamation; Robert Draine; Dr. David Reuben (FEL ’88), chief of the Department of Geriatric Medicine; and Dr. Brandon Koretz (RES ’99, FEL ’00), co-chief of the Division of Geriatric Medicine. UCLA surgeons Drs. F. Charles Brunicardi (left) and Ronald W. Busuttil. Photo: Reed Hutchinson Photo: Robert Hernandez Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi , Moss Foundation Chair in UCLA Health Sciences Honors Robert Draine In a special, private ceremony , Dr. David T. Feinberg (RES ’92, FEL ’94), president of UCLA Health System, presented longtime UCLA benefactor Robert Draine with a Dean’s Letter of Proclamation for his ongoing support of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA — particularly the UCLA Division of Geriatrics and the UCLA Longevity Center. Draine has contributed more than $550,000 to the university and was the creative force behind the development of several successful programs. In addition, numerous friends he has introduced to these important UCLA programs have contributed additional resources. When Draine wanted to honor his late wife, Patricia, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, he provided the impetus to establish the UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program. He has been involved in numerous efforts to promote and expand the program, as well as raise additional funds. In addition to his personal contributions, he engaged James Collins to provide a lead gift for the program. Draine was instrumental in developing a method for patients to communicate electronically with physicians through a secure website, which promoted doctor-patient relations and gave physicians the ability to electronically prescribe, thus bringing in additional clinical revenue. In addition, his funding named a patient room in the north wing of UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica in memory of Patricia Draine. Gastrointestinal and Personalized Surgery and chief of general surgery at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, showcased the UCLA Personalized Surgery Program at a combined lecture/music event hosted by the UCLA Division of General Surgery at UCLA’s Fowler Museum on June 25, 2014. “The Intersection of Medicine and Music” featured a presentation by Dr. Brunicardi on innovative trends in personalized surgery. The evening also included music from Dr. Brunicardi’s CD, Where Sunset Meets the Beach. Attendees included Dr. Ronald W. Busuttil (RES ’77), William P. Longmire, Jr. Chair in Surgery, chief Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi enhanced of the Division of his lecture on personalized medicine Liver and Pancreas with selections from his CD of original music. Transplantation and Photo: Reed Hutchinson director of the UCLA Pfleger Liver Institute; Dr. Joe Hines (RES ’97), Robert and Kelly Day Chair in General Surgery and chief of the UCLA Division of General Surgery; Dr. Mark S. Litwin (FEL ’93), Fran and Ray Stark Foundation Chair of the Department of Urology; and potential donors. The division is at the forefront of personalized surgery, which has enormous potential to transform surgical care. The pioneering technique utilizes the latest genomics and targeted therapies, based on each individual’s molecular profile. U MAGAZINE 45