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FA L L 2 0 1 4 VOLUME 34 NUMBER 4 A publication of UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA VICE CHANCELLOR, UCLA HEALTH SCIENCES DEAN, DAVID GEFFEN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AT UCLA Inside This Issue GERALD S. LEVEY, MD, ENDOWED CHAIR A. Eugene Washington, MD, MSc PRESIDENT, UCLA HEALTH SYSTEM ASSOCIATE VICE CHANCELLOR, UCLA HEALTH SCIENCES David T. Feinberg, MD (RES ’92, FEL ’94), MBA CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER Pattie Cuen Illustration: Brad Yeo DIRECTOR, MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Illustration: Vigg Photo: Robert Hernandez Judi Goodfriend Departments EDITOR David Greenwald 01 DESIGN DIRECTOR John C. Mazziotta, MD (RES ’81, FEL ’83), PhD J. Thomas Rosenthal, MD EDITORIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Benjamin J. Ansell, MD ’92 (RES ’95) Kathryn Carrico Sherin U. Devaskar, MD Patrick T. Dowling, MD Steven M. Dubinett, MD Dieter R. Enzmann, MD Judith C. Gasson, PhD Patricia A. Kapur, MD (FEL ’80) Bartly J. Mondino, MD Shannon O’Kelley Janet P. Pregler, MD Alan G. Robinson, MD Thomas B. Strouse, MD (RES ’91) LuAnn A. Wilkerson, EdD In Box Our voice is at the core of our being human. When it is broken or lost, UCLA’s Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts is there to help. 02 04 The Cutting Edge 26 Conversation Dr. Robert A. Cherry: Quality is Job One. 52 38 Epilogue A physician’s heartfelt journey. BY DR. LEIGH C. REARDON BY DAN GORDON 32 Faculty Notables, honors and achievements: On the front lines. 40 Alumni What’s happening from the MAA: Promoting exchange to encourage change. Finding the Right Path Care that is tailored to our personal needs is an attractive idea, but is it really in a patient’s best interests? News and research: Through the Google Glass. 14 News + Notes BY JOAN VOIGHT BY DR. A. EUGENE WASHINGTON 44 Friends Donor roundup: High honors for distinguished philanthropists. At the End of Too-few Days UCLA’s Children’s Pain and Comfort Care program helps families to endure the impending loss of a child. BY MARINA DUNDJERSKI © Copyright 2014 by The Regents of the University of California. Permission to reprint may be granted by contacting the editor, U Magazine, 10920 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1850, Los Angeles, CA 90024. E-mail: Printed on recycled paper. To Heal the Human Instrument Readers respond. CONTRIBUTING WRITERS EDITORIAL ADVISORY CO-CHAIRS 18 From the Dean: The future is bright as a new academic year begins. Donenfeld & Associates Marina Dundjerski Dan Gordon Julie Kirst Kim Kowsky Dr. Leigh C. Reardon Joan Voight Valerie Walker Leadership Features To read U Magazine online, go to: Cover Illustration: Traci Daberko